After opening up our own property to guests, the search was on for a better way to shop for and manage towels and sheets for short term rental use.

I started my search for the perfect sheets for vacation rentals back in 2015.  Martha Stewart I am not! In fact, anyone who knows me would laugh at the mere notion of me blogging about linens. Rather, I’m a pragmatic business person with a background in cost accounting and supply chain management. Developer and co-founder of a number of business’, most notably Waterplay®.

What DO I know? I can tell you without a doubt, that if you are not bottom line focused, you will fail in business. Yes, if you are now operating a STR (short term rental) aka VR (vacation rental) you are essentially “in business”.

If you’re a seasoned business person then you know first hand what I’m attempting to emphasize. Point being; newcomers to business are often too weighted on revenue. Not enough on customer retention or control over expenses.

Growth and sustainability are the name of the game.

SIDEBAR: I recall three (friends) all brilliant sales managers, breaking away together from solid employers to form a startup. They raised heaps of cash and proceeded to sell into the millions within their first year. Only hiccup, supply of goods was a bit sketchy and those pesky bills. They inevitably annoyed every sales lead and input costs exceeded revenue by over 300%. Just saying… It pays to pay attention.

Now that I’ve established the importance of considering the “bottom line”, how exactly did I find the best sheets for short term rental use?


I asked a number of hotel managers. What is it you look for while buying sheets and towels? Overwhelming response:

1 – Must have clean, crisp, fresh and bright white look

THE WHY – Guests demand pristine clean. White means you are accountable, guests appreciate this. White can handle harsh commercial cleaning. Colors suggest you’re hiding stains. Too soft equates to warn out, old, and used.

2 – Supplier must be easily accessible for ease of replenishment

THE WHY- Relying on a consistent supply and supplier saves a bundle in time and management.

3 – Design must be simple and consistently available

THE WHY – Elaborate design for your short term rental sheets or towels will lock you into one manufacturer or brand. Maintaining inventory consistency equates to efficiency.

4 – Price point must be reasonable

THE WHY – Spend too much and you are less inclined to generously replenish.

5 – Items must be separately available (Hoteliers don’t buy in sets)

THE WHY – Pillowcases, top sheets, and fitted sheets experience varied lifespans.

6 – Quick drying for efficient turnovers (durable single ply sheets)

THE WHY – Quick turnover is king. Heavy cotton sheets, or plush bath mats for example take eons to dry.

7 – No shrinkage or shape change (Poly blend, not 100% cotton)

THE WHY – Shrinking or piling can render the sheets unusable.

8 – Durable enough to withstand commercial laundering

THE WHY – The sheets for your vacation rental must stand up to the rigors of routine laundering, guest wear and tear. Commercial hotel sheets are known for their durability.

“We buy what we buy based on the intended purpose”

What did I do next?

Still not completely sold I ordered and tested a range of sheets on Amazon. I liked the price point and softness of microfiber. But it failed in the durability department. One toenail… that’s all it takes to tear it to shreds.

I learned a lot about so called “Egyptian” cotton. Trust me when I tell you, the real deal is lovely, but if it sells for under $400 per set, ask more questions. Again one toenail with the low priced sheets.

Shrinkage and pilling are common with 100% cotton sheets. Not to mention the wrinkling.

Pima cotton is lovely, but it does shrink and the good stuff is costly. As well, the time to dry is considerable.

“Bottom line! You get what you pay for.”

There are a lot of unscrupulous sellers boasting all sorts of claims. Buyer beware. If it’s too good to be true, particularly with sheets, something’s up.

Back to what seasoned hoteliers do

Next step was a search through the hotel sheets supply chain. With my background I was comfortable attempting to negotiate. That is until they asked how many rooms my property had. Yahhh Embarrassing!

Back to the drawing board and determined,  I finally managed to test samples from various manufacturers and suppliers of commercial hotel linens.

Long story short, VR Supplies was launched to help you find the best sheets for your needs.

Read more about great sheets and how to use them in your vacation rental business.

Written by: Lynne Arbuthnot

Founder of VR Supplies

Co-owner of Quail’s Inn

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