Like most people, I tend to view the world from my own unique perch. It’s hard to see things from other people’s point of view, especially if they are of different political persuasions or different generations. But I also know how important it is to think about what people want when they search for a short-term home rental.

That’s why my eye caught “Six Simple Tips for Renting Your Property to Millennials (Like Me),” by Matt Landau, founder of  the Vacation Rental Marketing Blog. As Matt says, Millennials (born 1997-1981) are the fastest growing generation, larger than that of my own Gen-X kids, even larger than the baby boomers. Millennials love to travel, so they are – or at least poised to become – our target audience, and we need to understand their point of view when finding places to stay when they travel.

I found these points from Matt’s article particularly interesting:

  • Millennials like useful information. The more specific your description, the easier they can tell whether your place is right for them.
  • They like homes that stand out in some way. Tell them what makes yours special.
  • They don’t like waiting. Get back to them right away.
  • They don’t want to waste their limited time. Give them “insider” information about places and activities they might enjoy, along with   contacts that can help them make the most of their stay.
  • They’re used to seeing the world in pictures. Give them great ones.
  • They like interesting people. Let them know who you are.

Are you a Millennial? Gen-X? A boomer? A lively energetic senior?  Let us know what we hosts can do to market our short-term home rentals to you.

Thanks to Janis Chan for contributing this article.

Let us know what we hosts can do to market our short-term home rentals to you.


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