is owned and operated by Armonty Solutions Inc, which is a small independently owned and managed company that has developed a number of start-ups. One that has gained tremendous traction and the catalyst behind the creation of MyBNBMarketplace is VR Supplies®, an online hotel supply store.

We, with VR Supplies, are already spending a small fortune marketing to short term rental owners from Northern Vancouver Island all the way to Key West Florida. So why not bring on other small business targeting these BNB Hosts.

Plus, we get quite a bit of enjoyment out of discovering so many interesting businesses.

Further we are also active BNB Hosts as vacation rental owners ourselves. View our property. Have been both entrepreneurs with startups, most notably as founders of back in the eighties while observing child’s play with our own children. As well, in and out of hospitality, not just for decades but generationally.

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