Vacation Rental Business

Marketing Your Home Rental to Millennials

Like most people, I tend to view the world from my own unique perch. It’s hard to see things from other people’s point of view, especially if they are of different political persuasions or different generations. But I also know how important it is to think about what people want when they search for a […]

Vacation Rental Business

Starting A Vacation Rental Business

Starting a Vacation Rental Business? Follow this step by step guide on how to prepare your home for guests. De-Clutter – Remove excess personal items. Keep a few locked areas to store your belongings. Remove anything irreplaceable or valuable. Repair & Replace – It’s time to go over your property inside and out to make […]

chairs on vacation rental deck
Vacation Rental Business

Top 10 Reasons to Start A Vacation Rental Business

Why Start a Vacation Rental business? Keep your dream home in the family Afford to buy that cottage you’ve always wanted It’s like a B&B, only your guests make their own breakfast Pays better than long term tenants You control when to block your own holiday time Guests leave before you have a chance to realize […]

Vacation Rental Business

Canadians Outraged with VRBO

Why are Canadians Outraged Over HomeAway’s Changes to VRBO? There has been a gradual spiral of dysfunction at play between HomeAway/VRBO and its Canadian customers. The irony is; it’s a simple fix. But for some reason, the powers to be have opted to dismiss Canadian concerns. The issue? Currency conversion. In other words, Canadian travelers searching for Canadian properties […]

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