Short Term Rentals

Regulating Short-Term Rentals

Short Term Vacation Rental Industry growth is snowballing. How will regulators keep up? How will they manage compliance and enforcement? On one hand, we have an eager able supplier. The vacation rental property owner. Offering what appears to be an endless stockpile of inventory. On the other hand, we have the traveler, seemingly inexhaustible. In between, instant connectivity. […]

Home Swaps Short Term Rentals

7 Must-Do’s for Home Swaps & Short Term Rentals

Once in a while I hear from someone who knows someone who had a terrible experience with a home swap or short-term rental.  “They moved in all their friends and trashed the place.” “They called and sent me texts with one question after another.”  “The water heater went out and I spent a full day of my vacation trying to […]

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