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Can you help make life easier for vacation rental hosts? List your services and get found.
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Do you have a great product that BNB's could really use? List here, it's quick and easy.

Welcome to My BNB Marketplace

We believe that building your business on your own terms is important. We all know the benefits of large online corporations – Airbnb, VRBO, Amazon, Etsy, to name just a few – But should we have; ” all our eggs in one basket ” ?

This site is here to support your independence as a business owner or manager by accelerating your marketing efforts.

My BNB Marketplace‘s number one objective is to empower independent BNB business.

Who is My BNB Marketplace for?

BNB Owners, Hosts & Managers

BNB Service Providers

BNB Suppliers

How will BNB Marketplace help my business

First and foremost My BNB Marketplace will boost your online presence, aka Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

As many of you know, it can be a tricky not to mention costly endeavour reaching this fast growing niche BNB Market Place on your own.

Further this site will help you make important BNB Marketplace Connections

We’re also here to support vacation rental / short term rental listings and listing site independence.

What does BNB mean exactly?

For the purpose of this site, BNB refers to all of the following terms in this fast growing emerging hospitality industry:

Vacation Rental

Short Term Rental

An Airbnb

Holiday Rental

Holiday Let

Self Catered Bed and Breakfast

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