woman looking confused about choosing sheets

The Best Sheets for Vacation Rental Use

When I started sourcing bed sheets for my own Vacation Rental property, I believed, as many do, that thread count was the gold standard for quality. I thought the best sheets for vacation rental use would need to have a high thread count. Was I wrong? A sure way to get a super high thread […]

stack of vacation rental sheets

How Did I Find the Best Sheets for our Short Term Rental?

After opening up our own property to guests, the search was on for a better way to shop for and manage towels and sheets for short term rental use. I started my search for the perfect sheets for vacation rentals back in 2015.  Martha Stewart I am not! In fact, anyone who knows me would […]

triple sheeting on vacation rental bed

Triple Sheeting For Your Vacation Rental: Good Idea or Not?

Triple sheeting beds for your vacation rental is definitely easier to manage at turnover. However, there are a few important things we discovered while testing this method at our own property. Type of guest Whether you offer daily maid service The length of stay. Why? Although simpler, it is an odd way to make up […]

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