Why Start a Vacation Rental business? There are plenty of reasons! Here are our top ones.

  1. Keep your dream home in the family
  2. Afford to buy that cottage you’ve always wanted
  3. It’s like a B&B, only your guests make their own breakfast
  4. Pays better than long term tenants
  5. You control when to block your own holiday time
  6. Guests leave before you have a chance to realize they’d make poor tenants
  7. Pay down a mortgage faster
  8. Afford renovations
  9. In some cases, make a decent income, that is tied to inflation
  10. Retire from your day job much sooner
Man and woman vacation rental owners

Vacation rental businesses are increasing in popularity. In fact, a report by Vrbo and Savills indicates more and more people are purchasing second homes with the intention of renting them out on a short-term basis. More than 40 percent of second home buyers indicated they intend to use it for vacation rentals. The report indicates while one-third of US owners rent their second homes just to help with mortgage costs, nearly 40% are deriving a secondary source of income.

Aside from helping with the mortgage, many people who start a vacation rental business are finding a steady income that pays more than long-term rentals.

If you’re considering short-term rentals you can learn more in this article about starting a holiday home rental business.


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