Morning Mountain Coffee

Morning Mountain Coffee Morning Mountain Coffee

Single serving pour over drip coffee

An ideal addition to any gift or welcome basket.

Delicious, convenient, easy to use, organic fair trade coffee that can be enjoyed anywhere.

We are based in the small community of Nelson high in the Selkirk Mountains of BC where the need for a convenient single serve brewing method that does not need complicated machinery or create unnecessary waste is informed by our glorious environment. Coffee pods take a serious toll on our environment. Food for thought; in 2014, 13 billion k-cups went to landfill. Diverting waste while enjoying a delicious coffee is foremost on our mind. We can also admire the simpler packaging, simpler brewing experience and less clutter. Perfect for smaller living arrangements where counter space is premium real estate!

We then combined the highest quality specialty-grade organic and ethically sourced coffee beans we could find with the our original X-wing coffee bag. The result was a portable pour over coffee that is convenient and outstanding in its flavor profile with really cool single serving pouches. The medium-fine grind is perfect for the time it takes to brew resulting in a sediment-free coffee. The flavour profile is not strong, slightly sweet and most importantly, without any bitterness; straight down the line medium roast flavour.

Support sustainable, fair-trade, organic for yourself and most importantly the environment.

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