VersaTraction 'Kahuna Grip' Bath Mats

VersaTraction 'Kahuna Grip' Bath Mats VersaTraction 'Kahuna Grip' Bath Mats

VersaTraction / Kahuna Grip™ is revolutionizing the non-skid industry with our high resolution graphic-capable adhesive surface that dramatically reduces slip and fall accidents. We provide the best Peel n’ Stick traction solutions.

VersaTraction Inc was born from years of testing anti-slip products and materials to replace wax in the sport of surfing where traction is an essential part of this dynamic water sport. VersaTraction’s family of products including ‘Kahuna Grip’ bath and shower mats are a result of these tests and are here to help revolutionize the ‘non-skid’ ‘anti-slip’ Industry.

We are driven and dedicated to help protect people from ‘slip and fall’ accidents. Our family friendly products are non-abrasive, non-toxic, mold and mildew resistant and are made to be your ideal DIY peel n’ stick traction mats and pads.


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